First local activity

Tallinn, Estonia

The Estonian partner Eesti People to People organised a local event about peace and love.  The organisers started with a brainstorming session to choose topics for discussion, then organised creative writing and critical reading sessions, a discussion about peace and love, peace in the world and inner peace. Students took part in theoretical and practical sessions, Percipio card game and reflection sessions.

Vigo, Spain

The local project activity developed by Academia Postal 3 Vigo, S.L. took place on 27th of July in the city of Vigo. To carry it out, a participant search process was developed and interested people were identified from ages between 18 and 25 years old, from different environments and with low skills.
The project activity from was related with the video editing of local communities experience. In this way,
numerous activities were developed in order to teach the participants how to record a video, working in teams and taking decisions together.

London, UK

During the local activity in the UK the target group involved were women coming from a refugee background. The session started with the introduction of the principles of breathing coordinated with gentle movement, including lengthening, upper and lower body mobilisation and balance. The workshop was held at the Lewisham Salvation Army for the monthly Parents Group run by Creating Grounds for AFRIL on a monthly basis. Group participants were refugees and asylum seeks whose children attend the Rainbow Club Supplementary School taking place on Saturday mornings at St Saviour Primary School.

Potenza, Italy

Euro-Net organised a local event focused on art-based training using non-formal education and an holistic approach. The training, was led by Raffaele Messina, who guided the participants to express themselves using their body, by means of specific exercises, done individually or in groups.

Leipzig, Germany

The workshop was carried out by Sophie Bouchbouk, Leonie Sowa and Matthias Schluttig. It took in Ost-Passage Theater Leipzig in Germany. The participants of the workshop were pedagogues from different schools in Leipzig: a dancing school, elementary schools and high schools. During the workshop participants went through different exercises, including warm up exercises, “painting names”, exercises on voice, and storytelling.