Second local activity

Postal 3, Vigo, from 11 to 30 November 2018

The local project activity developed by Academia Postal 3 Vigo, S.L. took place on the 11th  and 30th of November in the city of Vigo. To carry it out, a participant search process was developed and 18 interested people were identified from ages between 18 and 30 years old, from different environments and with low skills.

The activity involved the use of video as a tool to increase their opportunities in the labour market. In this way, numerous activities were developed in order to teach the participants how to record a video, working in teams and taking decisions together.

All the activities planned were organised taking into account that the participants of the workshop had different kinds of learning difficulties. In this way, it was important to work on basic skills and team working as the final activity needs them to be well done.

Estonia is Dancing

Estonia is Dancing was a national action taking place in Estonia and devoted to celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Estonian Republic. The Action took place in 15 cities, involving thousands of people

Eesti People to People members and volunteers also took part in this action in Tallinn on Vabaduse Square on 31st December 2018 in the frame of “PerformAction” project and showed to others participants, dances and steps which we learned from Italian partners during the training course in London.

Video Making Workshop in London

The UK partner Sirius Training worked with a group of young adult migrants for one month in March 2019 in the training on how to create a video. Over the month of March, participants learned some of the techniques, they worked in groups to shoot and edit a video.

Spettacolo/Primo Studio 44 Dono Sospeso Altrove

The local activity by Artemovimento took place over 5 weekends in the months of October, November, December and January. During this period Artemovimento organised workshops for operators (psychologists, teachers, and SEN teachers), and dancers and actors on the education and inclusion using arts and theatre. 15 people were involved in the local activities. During the 5 weekends, Monica Secco worked alongside a psychologist and a SEN teacher to create, thanks to an exchange of competencies, a research programme on the creative processes of performance and theatre-dance (theatre dance by Pina Bausch), applied to people with Learning Difficulties.

The work done during the 5 weeks culminated in a show called spettacolo/primo studio   #44 Dono Sospeso Altrove #, which was performed on 2nd February, at Lavanderia a Vapore Collegno (Turin), to show the public the results of this learning path. The show was really successful.

Pilot Action from Ost-Passage Theater

The second local activity from Ost-Passage Theater was held on 13th April 2019. The learners were teachers, educators and pedagogues working with children and teenagers with learning difficulties and dyslexia and interested people with from an educational background. The workshop was based on different techniques including body warm up, storytelling, drama and the use of creativity. Please see the full report here